What is the VST?

The Vocational Selection Test (VST) is designed to provide comparative information on candidates’ abilities and is particularly useful for screening large groups of candidates in the initial round of a selection process.

There are four components to the VST.

Verbal Reasoning: which measures a candidate’s ability to grasp and use relationships among concepts framed in words – and does this by measuring how well candidates understand and interpret written passages.

Quantitative Reasoning: which assesses mathematical skills and numerical aptitude with questions using maths in an everyday context.

Abstract Reasoning: which examines a candidate’s ability to understand and apply concepts expressed in non-verbal diagrams, such as sequences and patterns.

Mechanical Reasoning: which assesses the ability to understand the functioning of mechanical devices and systems.

Candidates must pass each of the four components of the test. 

More information about the Vocational Selection Test can be found in the Candidate Information booklet