Preparing for the VST

It is recommended that candidates take steps to ensure they are adequately prepared for the Vocational Selection Test (VST).

To achieve the best possible results, a number of strategies can be used to prepare for this test. These can include:

  • Becoming familiar with the content of the test 
  • Working through the included practice materials
  • Purchasing further practice and preparation materials
  • Being aware of the best test taking strategy.

There are several books on the market that provide general advice on tests and test taking. If you have not taken a test before, or if it is some time since you last took a test, you may find some of the information contained in books of this kind helpful in preparing for the VST.

ACER does not recommend or endorse any commercially available courses offering VST preparation. Nor does ACER have knowledge of the content of such courses, or any involvement in their development, or any commercial interest in the programs. Thus ACER is unable to comment on their relevance or usefulness. It is possible that some commercial preparation courses might provide misleading information or advice to candidates.

ACER does not conduct VST preparation courses. ACER has however provided official online practice materials to assist candidates to prepare for the VST.

For more information relating to preparing for the VST please refer to the Candidate Information booklet.