Test day

At the time of registering you will be allocated a seat in your chosen session. You must report to the test centre at the time listed on your Admission Ticket. If you are allocated to a particular 'Zone' you must follow signs to that zone for registration.

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At this time the test supervisors will begin registration and complete pre-test procedures. Your test will begin once registration is complete. We suggest arriving at the test centre approximately fifteen (15) minutes prior to the reporting time.

If you report to the test centre after all candidates have been seated in the testing room you will not be admitted. No latecomers can be admitted once the test has started.

Tip - Before reporting to the test centre do not forget to eat a meal. Depending on the arrival time of your designated test session, you may also wish to eat a small snack before you go into the testing room. No food will be permitted inside the testing room and in some test centres you may not be allowed to take any water into the room. You should always access bathrooms before registering.

Admission Ticket

You will be emailed an Admission Ticket approximately four (4) days prior to your allocated test session.

When completing your online registration you must upload a current photograph. This photo will appear on your Admission Ticket. Photos must be uploaded at the time of registering. The Admission Ticket must be printed clearly and taken with you to the test centre, it will be collected by a supervisor as testing is completed and returned to ACER.


  • If you arrive at a test centre without a printed Admission Ticket, you will be refused entry and will not be permitted to sit the test. There will be no exceptions and no refunds.
  • Admission Tickets that do not contain a current identification photo will not be accepted at an exam centre. You risk being turned away from a centre if you arrive without a current identification photo on your ticket.

When you receive your Admission Ticket please check it carefully and email ACER immediately if there are any errors.

Reporting to the Test Centre

At the time of registering you will be allocated a seat in your chosen session. You must report to the test centre at the time listed on your Admission Ticket to complete pre-testing procedures. Exams will begin approximately 30 minutes after registration.

When you report to the test centre you must bring:

  • Admission Ticket – with photo included
  • Suitable and current photo identification (see below)
  • Writing equipment (medium soft no. 2 or HB pencils and a good quality eraser). 

Photo identification on test day

Acceptable identification is as follows:        

  • Drivers licence. (Interstate/international drivers licences are accepted.)
  • Passport 

All candidates will be required to show their identification to supervisors on attendance at the test centre.

If for any reason a candidate cannot provide their photo identification on the test day (e.g. because of a lost wallet) they must provide a signed statutory declaration confirming their identity.

They must also provide by email or mail a certified copy of their driver licence to the ACER office no later than five (5) business days after their allocated test sitting. Failure to do so may result in results being withheld. 

Items NOT permitted in the testing room

The following items are not permitted inside the testing room:

  • Dictionaries, notebooks or note paper of any kind.
  • Electronic equipment – including but not limited to the following items: Mobile phones, pagers, calculators, stopwatches, smart watches, video, audio or recording devices of any kind (including MP3 players)
  • Stationary items other than those described on the admission ticket eg Highlighters, pens, rulers etc.
  • Food and bags – you may bring a clear plastic bottle of drinking water into the test centre with you. 

Test Timing and Leaving Early

The Vocational Selection Test (VST) is a pencil-and-paper test in a multiple-choice format. There are 105 questions in total and the time allowed is two (2) hours and forty (40) minutes. We suggest you ensure a half day to complete all of the necessary testing procedures.

The Vocational Selection Test (VST) is a high-stakes test administered under secure conditions. Candidates may not leave the test centre before the full testing time has elapsed, except in the case of illness. In this instance, candidates are expected to provide a medical certificate explaining their need to leave the test centre within five (5) business days of the test administration; failure to do so may result in results being withheld.

Once a candidate has departed the test centre it is not possible to re-enter and continue the test.